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Medical Tourism is a fast growing section of our industry as Health care costs surge in this country. There are world class medical diagnostics performed in other countries at a cost to individuals much less than here at home. Often, when one seeks treatment for wellness or aesthetic changes, there is a period of time involved; an extended recovery period, where combining a medical procedure with a relaxing vacation in a healthy setting is necessary to the healing process. We can help you plan this, and even offer you suggestions of where you might turn for certain procedures.

Our travel experts have information on destinations for medical tourism in locations across the globe. And not to worry… as always, Patient-Dr. confidentiality remains intact, your medical procedures or treatments will always be only between you and your clinic and service providers, as we only facilitate getting you “to” the treatments, not through them. The integrity of your privacy is never violated.


From world-class hospitals to privately operated medical clinics, Thailand has an extensive range of medical facilities offering a broad range of medical treatments. In order to help organize the logistics of selecting a medical provider, arranging suitable accommodation at a nearby hotel and scheduling transportation to and from Thailand for treatment and recovery, we are uniquely established to assist you. For whatever your needs might be in this regard, let us help you research and select a treatment package and plan a medical holiday with greater convenience and confidence than planning such a trip on your own.


Cosmetic dental procedures, often considered a luxury, are within your reach in Costa Rica. For 50-70% less than their cost in the United States, English-speaking dentists will treat you with state-of-the-art technology and the world's most cutting-edge procedures. Discover how you can take advantage of the country's highly trained dental professionals at bargain rates.

In addition to being one of Latin America's top vacation spots, Costa Rica has established itself as a popular dental tourism destination. A four to seven hour plane ride from many North American cities, the journey is both short and affordable – round-trip airfare can be purchased for $500 or less.

At home, even with dental insurance, you may have to pay up to 40% the cost of essential mouth surgeries and elective dental procedures. As these fees rise, Costa Rica's affordable dental services and excellent tourism industry have combined to create an unbeatable medical-vacation duo. For less than the cost of the same procedures at home, you'll enjoy expert care, a luxury recovery (if needed), and an exotic vacation.

The country's dental clinics promise the same quality as those back home, and also emphasize personalized patient care. Many dental professionals have received their educations and trained abroad, so they speak excellent English and understand the needs and concerns of international patients.

Adding to your comfort, recovery facilities in Costa Rica are extremely affordable, often averaging $60-$150 per night for posh lodging, nursing assistance, all meals, airport transfers and transportation to your dental appointments.

Cost Comparisons

Procedure United States Costa Rica
Crowns $800-$1,200 each $320-$550 each
Dentures $500-$2,500 per arch $150-$850 per arch
Full Mouth Restoration $25,0000 $12,0000
Porcelain Veneers $700-$2,000 per tooth $300 per tooth
Tooth Whitening $500-$1,000 $150-$300
Root Canal $500-$1,500 per tooth $250-$450 per tooth
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